Zwei WALK-ON auf einer Dachterrasse
Zwei WALK-ON auf einer Dachterrasse
Innenansicht WALK-ON Lichtband
WALK-ON FREE - Oberlicht in Sonderform
Innenansicht mit CIRCULAR WALK-ONs

Round skylights –
a truly special feature

Zwei WALK-ON auf einer Dachterrasse
begehbare Flachdachfenster auf einer Dachterrasse eines Ferienhauses auf Sardinien

Rectangular, walkable, stylish

WALK-ON Lichtband: Innenansicht Küche
WALK-ON Lichtband: Mehrere Walk-On Module verbunden zum Lichband

a long line of light

Oberlichter Sonderform
WALK-ON Free: Walk-on skylights and flat roof windows in any shape

Walk-on glass
in any shape you want

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SkyVision WALK-ON: walk-on glass

Walk-on skylights and flat roof windows in any shape

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A walk-on skylight is an excellent source of daylight: a skylight and barrier-free walking area all in one.

Compared to plastic skylight domes, which become permeable over time, a SkyVision WALK-ON floor window impresses with its high-quality insulating glass, long service life and elegant design, both outdoors on verandas or roof terraces and indoors as ceiling windows or glass floors (e.g. in stairwells).

The SkyVision range of walk-on skylights includes rectangular and round skylights, light well glazing and special shapes that can be freely defined. They can also be designed as a continuous rooflight, providing a lot of light for rooms below.

All GLASOLUX walk-on skylights are made of special glass designed to withstand loads of up to 500 kg/m². The insulated substructures can be adjusted in height by up to 750 mm.

Rectangular skylight

The most common shape for walk-on glass, be it as a square single window or flush-mounted as a continuous rooflight, without any length limitations.

Can be upgraded with anti-slip coatings, privacy shields, sun shading and more.

Round skylight

This round walk-on, glass panel in the floor is an eye-catching skylight. With a maximum diameter of two meters, it is a real eye-catcher on any veranda as well as a very special light source.

With triple glazing it is even suitable for passive houses!

Free-form skylight

If round or rectangular doesn’t cut it, customised free-form walk-on products are the ideal solution.
From trapezoid to semicircular – any shape is possible. Can also be used as the end module of a continuous rooflight. The variable skylight that perfectly suits your needs.

Continuous rooflight

The LINEAR WALK-ON provides plenty of daylight as well as a large area that can be walked on, indoors or outdoors.

The great advantage of the continuous rooflight system is its unlimited expandability, with the option of free-form start or end modules.

Are simple, non-walk-on skylights sufficient for your needs, or do you want a skylight that opens?

Find the entire SkyVision range on our GLASOLUX website and in our online skylight shop (only available in German).